CWT-CE407C, CB, CS 87-06 Jeep Wrangler Euro Tail Lamp Instructions


Important: Inspect the tail lamps once out of the box for any damaged or missing parts before start disassembling the factory tail lamps.


1. Start by unscrewing the factory lamps by taking out the 4 Phillips head screws on the outer lens.


2. Once the outer lens is off you will see 3 10mm bolt heads. Unscrew these to release tail lamp shell from the truck.


3. Disconnect the tail lamp wiring harness from the car by unplugging it from the socket just inside the body of the truck via the hole behind the tail lamp body. (Note: on the passenger side of the truck the wire harness is some what shorter then the driver side.)


4. Once you have the lamp off the truck match it up with the Crystal Eyes version. (You will need to remove the 4 Phillips head screws holding on the Crystal Eyes tail lens to attach it later to the truck.) Now you will need to cut the harness on the factory lamp mid way between the lamp and the connector. You will be using the factory plug to connect the Crystal Eyes tail lamp to the vehicle. *see diagram A*


5. Once the connector has been cut off use the chart below to match up the wires on the Crystal Eyes version with the original wires. Using the given wire scotch locks, connect the 3 wires on the socket side to the Crystal Eyes tail lamp. *see diagram B*


6. Once you have the wires connected it is now time to mount the tail lamp body to the vehicle. (Note: make sure that you plug the tail lamp connector into the vehicle connector tightly to ensure it latches together properly.) *see diagram C*


7. When securing the tail lamp body you will use the 3 10mm bolts from the factory lamps. (Note: It is important that you secure the black ground wire on the lamp body to the top center 10mm bolt.) This will ensure proper tail lamp operation. *see diagram D*


8. Now that the tail lamp body is secured tightly it is time to make the final connection. Plug the tail lamp assembly into the body harness. (Note: Make sure you press them together snug to ensure the locking tab is in the fully locked position.) *see diagram E*


9. Now assemble the crystal eyes tail lamp assembly to the tail lamp body that is mounted to the vehicle. Secure the two pieces together with the 4 Phillips head screws supplied with the kit. *see diagram F*


10. Repeat this process for the other side.


Wire Color Chart by Year

87-90 brake & turn signal: (left) red to brown & white, (right) red to brown & white

running light: blue to blue

back-up light: white to brown


91-06 brake & turn signal: (left) white to purple & black, (right) white to purple & black

running light: blue to yellow & black

back-up light: red to red & brown