LEDT-409C, CA, CB, CS   01-06 PT Cruiser LED Tail Light 


Installation Instructions


1.                  Remove original stock tail lights, save the original screws.  Plug the original sockets into your new IPCW tail lights the same way they were removed.  i.e. Two pins to two pins, three pins to three pins. (Figure 1, 2).


2.                  Put new light into vehicle body bottom first (Fig. 3), making sure the new light is completely placed into the vehicle body cavity except the top portion (Fig. 4)


3.                  Hold bottom portion of the light with one hand, and with the other hand gently push in top portion of the light (Fig. 5).  Secure with the original screws saved. 


4.                  After installation, turn on the engine and make sure all functions work properly.  Now, enjoy your new tail lamps and thank you for your supports on IPCW products.